19 November 2009

The "C" Word

I'm not going to mention the "C" word, but that time of year IS creeping up on us again.

"Hmmm, what to get for presents?" I hear you say... well we have a couple of solutions for you!

Firstly, our inaugural "Ferrous Fiesta" will be running for the first week of December. We will have all sorts of specials and deals on a selection of our Gallery and Workshop items. Pop in to 54 Ballantyne Rd Wanaka to view for yourself, or check us out online

Secondly, we have listed some other items for sale on Trade Me. Click on the following links to be taken directly to the auctions via the magic of technology!

Funky Fashionable Belt Buckles:

Flower Design (pictured left)
Triangle Design
Blob Design


Handbag Style Magazine Racks

available in two colour finishes.


Business Card Holder

Business & Rack Card Holder

11 November 2009

Passion for Fashion

Not one to miss an opportunity, our Prue this year coordinated a "top fashion team" to present the more wearable side of some of Metalworks' creations at the recent Passion for Fashion event, held in conjunction with Wanakafest.

Showcasing our handmade belt buckles, handbag style magazine racks, various fire tools and accessories, plus an appearance by the D-Fa prototype dog, the three "metalworkers" strutted their stuff to industrial music on the Lake Wanaka Centre catwalk.
All items displayed during the evening are now available from our Gallery space at 54 Ballantyne Rd Wanaka or by mail/email order from metalworks@xtra.co.nz

Sorry - models (pictured above) not for sale. Look out for us again next year!