10 August 2009

Mid Winter Treats

Well, it's fire season for sure, so below we have a small selection of some of our products which can help you get through winter!

One of the best things about Winter is a warm open fire in the evening - especially if it is snowing outside!

One of the worst things about winter is lugging your firewood to feed the open fire! Well, tis the season to turn your wood-woes into wood-wows!

Flash up your fireplace with one of our copper wood bins - sturdy and practical and tidy and the copper adds a further touch of warmth, even when your fire is not going.

We can make these to custom size, so come and talk to us about what you require.


We have blogged about them before, but if you have an open fire (or a gas cooktop - not endorsing it but it has been done!) then a marshmallow toasting fork is really the best compliment - and a great way to keep those sugar levels up from a hard day on the slopes!

We only have a few of these left in stock (rather a popular time of year for these items!) but if you have a design in mind, or want us to make you one of our standard designs then come on in and see us. We can craft you a single poker right through to an intricate fireside set with poker, tongs, brush stand etc.

The photo below show a log rack with a pair of tongs and a poker.

Winter means long, dark evenings, and is quite often the time of year we notice (or at least use more) of our lighting.
Could you do with a bit of a makeover for your lights? Lamps to shades to custom chandeliers, if you can think it, we will try to reproduce it in metal!
Below is detail from a custom chandelier, the lightbulb fits inside the leaf pattern.