24 November 2008

Featured Item - Marshmallow Forks

A great gift idea at any time of year, our hand-forged marshmallow and toasting forks have seen a resurgance of interest lately!

Here are the specs and some photos for those who can't get to our gallery:

Marshmallow Fork (2 prong) - approximate length 72cm
Toasting Fork (4 prong) - approximate length 74cm

Crafted from mild steel with stainless steel tips.

Orders appreciated now to ensure a timely Christmas delivery!

12 November 2008

Grass Kart

A few weeks ago, the Grass Kart Team from Mt Aspiring College travelled to Invercargill to compete in a 2 day inter-school event.

The team members, Jack Mercer, Jack Coote, Tim Gardner and Matt Martin, had been regular additions to the Metalworks workshop for the last couple of months, designing and creating the Grass Kart under the guidance of Ernie, Steve and Johannes (our permanent boys!)

They recently sent us in some photos of the event - good to see a bit of dirt flying in the last photo!

Well done boys! We hope this motivates you to compete again next year!

Bike Tour Update

The boys on the bike tour will be rolling into beautiful Wanaka at around lunch time on Thursday (all things going well). Keep an eye out for them and give them a cheer for their effort!

07 November 2008

Bike Tour

Owner/operator of Metalworks Wanaka Ltd, Ernie Maluschnig, has taken some time out from work to take part in the Pablo Bike Tour.

Beginnning on Wednesday with a quick ride from Blenheim to Nelson, and continuing the warm-up today with a stint from Nelson to St Arnaud, Ernie and his fellow riders will be all geared up for the first official "race" day of the journey tomorrow.

Up for grabs are the unique and quirky trophies kindly donated my Metalworks Wanaka Limited and handcrafted by Ernie himself.